Water Tank

Contoh gambar autocad Water Tank dengan spesifikasi:

1. Kapasitas 15 ton

2. Bahan plat 6 mm SS41

3. Dimensi diameter 2500 x tinggi 3000

Harga : Rp 250.000 Termasuk

1. Gambar aseembly

2. Gambar kerja

3. Gambar detail

4. RAB rencana anggaran biaya

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Storage reservoirs and overhead tank are used to store water, liquid petroleum, petroleum products and similar liquids. The force analysis of the reservoirs or tanks is about the same irrespective of the chemical nature of the product. All tanks are designed as crack free structures to eliminate any leakage. Water or raw petroleum retaining slab and walls can be of reinforced concrete with adequate cover to the reinforcement. Water and petroleum and react with concrete and, therefore, no special treatment to the surface is required. Industrial wastes can also be collected and processed in concrete tanks with few exceptions

. The petroleum product such as petrol, diesel oil, etc. are likely to leak through the concrete walls, therefore such tanks need special membranes to prevent leakage. Reservoir is a common term applied to liquid storage structure and it can be below or above the ground level. Reservoirs below the ground level are normally built to store large quantities of water whereas those of overhead type are built for direct distribution by gravity flow and are usually of smaller capacity.